Première « Chair de peau » TK.KIM, Bâle, 15 Novembre 19.00

Elle a besoin de nous…


Where my body once was, there will be a dance that embodies the cycle of life and death, but there will be no me… Flavia

TK KIM /  Chair de Peau – Flesh for skin

Flavia Ghisalberti, Philippe Alioth, Neopren records 2014

Consciousness and coma…The different stages of unconsciness…The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) can numeralize it. . But define it? What’s visible from the outside is skin, flesh, eyes. Hearable ist he voice, the breath. But the mind, can it express itself without a body? How far the intensity of expression is parallel between body and mind? Does restless body mean restless mind? Move, hide, flee. Hesitate, run. Body and mind should do this in a common movement. Or not? Who controls their parallelism? Four aggregate states oft he mind/body-batch or of the body/mind-rejection are shown in images and sounds, four times skind and flesh as a surface…

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